Simon Adams grew up under his father’s easel, watching and learning.  He inherited the desire not only to draw and paint well, but to make pictures that told a hidden story.  It is the figure, both human and animal that draws his attention, for creatures have agendas that landscapes do not.  He tends to think of his work as portraits of those who never existed, and while he may spin a tale about each piece as it is being made, once the art is on the wall it is for the viewer to create their own narrative.   He received a degree in Fine art from Middlebury College in Vermont and spent time at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland studying illustration.  He now teaches art to middle school students. Simon also illustrates for local publications and online audio dramas.  He and his wife live in Gray, Maine with their new son and grey cat.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Simon. it’s Connie Dean. I found this nifty site when I typed in your name. I have not heard from your Mom & wondered how she is doing…My e-mail is ccdonemitten@aol.com . Cell is 603-986-5669. I’d appreciate any info about how things are going. If you receive this please give her my love and hopes for her swift recovery. Perhaps this is not the appropriate vessel for a personal message, my apologies if so. I hope that you & Allison are well. Also Henry – I have seen some of the photos & he is truly adorable. Hope to hear some news, Love,Connie

  2. Simon, your work is fabulous especially Cloudonia. What a wonderful gift you have. Your visions go into the unknown. My best to your family.


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