So I haven’t changed or updated this blog/website in ages. Partly because we welcomed our second child, Aurelia, into the family and then the day before her 1st birthday she suffered a very severe burn on her hands on a cast-iron coal stove. She is recovering very well but the healing (and general wrangling) has not left a lot of time for blogging. I have however discovered the magic of Instagram. It is an amazingly easy way to showcase my work to the world and at this point I am wavering around 200 followers. Not a ton as IG users know but I am kinda proud. That is where I have be posting some of the new work for the Chronicles of Aerthe (finally published and looks amazing!), The Folio (a Dungeons & Dragons module that comes out every two months thru Kickstarter, and a new book of science inspired poetry.

If you have a moment and have the app, check out my Instagram feed here. 

I am hoping to overhaul this whole website soon but for now…

p107 fossilMoon CoverShadow DragonStone soldiers

Art in Public

As always it has been a ridiculously long time since I have posted on this site. But work goes well!  Some portraits, some work for Leading Futurists considering the future of packaging, finished up the final season of The Cleansed, which was very bittersweet making some pottery, and of course a steady stream of work for The Chronicles of Aerthe.

We were funded thru Kickstarter and the core rule book will be released next spring after polishing the writing and many more illustrations are completed. Now I need to get my act together and get some of that new work on display up here. But for the time being I will be satisfied with the small show of fantasy artworks viewable at the Gray, Maine Public Library.  Thanks to superstar librarian, Josh Tiffany, for lending the space . Stop in and see if you happen to be driving through Gray.


New address, sort of

So I have finally ponied up the dough to register my domain name. You can now just put in and be directed here. No more clunky “.wordpress” part. Sweet.  Should’ve done it long ago.

Here is some new work for Feral Games and the Chronicles of Aerthe – Kickstarter coming soon. There are some examples of the awesome color work by Russell Goh as well so you can follow the stages from my rough pencil, and ink, to his final colors.

New work : COLOR!

I realize the title is a little misleading based on the pictures. I have been doing tons of new work for Feral Games the Kickstarter is going to be rolling out very soon and we are super excited by our new colorist Russel Goh.  While a lot of my work will still be black and white, the traditional pen and ink medium I love so much, Russell has taken some of it to new levels with his amazing digital painting.  Check out the website for free downloads and watch for more about The Chronicles of Aerthe.

These are rough pencils that show some of the work in progress. Inks coming soon.

Take a look at what Russell has done to my drawings…

Big_Battle_FinalBig Battle Coloured



New Year, New Samples

Despite the new year I will not insult anyone’s intelligence by resolving to post more often on this site.  But now that the holidays have passed and any commissioned artwork has been given and received I feel I can post the work on my site and maybe encourage folks to ask for more.

Portraits of loved ones, both the human and animal variety, are a wonderful way to preserve a memory. While painted and drawn portraits were once commonplace, in our world of Instagram, FaceBook and everyone having a (surprisingly good) camera on their phone, fewer and fewer people still appreciate the unique power of an original, one of a kind, piece of art.

Don’t be one of those people.

Check out some new work in the Animal Portrait Gallery, the People Portrait Gallery, and a new Crow piece too.

FullSizeRender 39 copy

Rhiann_Dylan FullSizeRender

New Fantasy Work

The Chronicles of Aerthe from Feral Games is almost here.  Check out some new work in my fantasy section to get a taste of what’s in this exciting dark fantasy RPG.


Loving What I’m Doing

So here is some more work for upcoming title by Feral Games. I am loving the chance to do fantasy work but also to have a ton of artistic freedom.  There is nothing like working with a writer/art director who likes what you do and trusts you to do it well.   Download the FREE game at (link below) and give it 5 stars so later we can all get paid! Delve : A Dungeon Exploration Adventure

Big_Battle_Final Earth Wizard blur

Happy Birthday!

Here is a graphite portrait of a beautiful puppy commissioned as a birthday present.  Despite the piece getting lost in the mail and almost giving me a heart attack, all’s well that ends well.  It was found (before the birthday) and everyone was very happy. The ears were a joy to draw.


New Commission Work

Here are the newest pet portraits of the lovely Maddy and Bo. For fun I added some “work in progress” pictures to show the challenges and changes a piece can go through before its final state.  I started by putting the two dogs in a wooden skiff, only to discover that both of them hated being in boats. Oops.



Maddy_Bo1        Maddy_Bo2




New Fantasy work for a new RPG Company

These new works are some samples from upcoming role-playing games created by an up and coming gaming company called Feral Games. Writer/creator James Gantry and his team (myself included) are working hard to bring gamers the best of what they want. Feral Games is creating a wide variety of genre games including Delve, Thieve’s Guild, Super Secret Spy Agency and the District. Several of the images I have created are for a dark fantasy game in development called Dead Cities (imagine JRR Tolkien meets Mad Max) complete with colossal beasts and living weapons.  To learn more about the games, boxed, cards, and table-top, check them out here at the Feral Games website, or the Facebook page.

Also: Delve and Super Secret Spy Agency will be available soon for FREE DOWNLOAD from  DriveThruRPG .

To see the gallery of my work for this new game company, click the images below.





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